The attorneys at The Aikin Family Law Group practice exclusively in the area of family law. We understand the emotional nature of family legal matters and the importance of trust in the attorney-client relationship. Our firm helps families navigate through the legal process with dignity and respect. We have a commitment to providing excellent communication, personal attention and service. Our objective is to settle our client’s disputes timely and effectively. In this pursuit, we are leaders in the use of the collaborative law model.

Through the collaborative law interdisciplinary approach, clients agree to resolve their divorce in a private, safe process with the assistance of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional and the two attorneys. Rather than fighting in court, the parties agree to work together with the professionals to achieve mutually-agreeable outcomes, preserving the dignity of the parties and preserving their assets.


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We Can Help.
Our attorneys are experienced litigators and will strive to attain the best possible outcome for our clients when out-of-court conflict resolution is not an option.  We understand the importance of utilizing experts such as adult, children and family therapists, forensic accountants, business valuators, vocational rehabilitation specialists, realtors, and social services, when necessary to address other areas of the family. Our overriding goal is to promote a long-term effective resolution for the family.