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Solutions for Families
in Transition

Families no longer want the courtroom model to solve their family conflict. The Aikin Family Law Group recognizes this shift and offers collaborative law, mediation and other innovative settlement models to give our clients control and decision-making for their families with lasting results.

Why Collaborative?

Through the collaborative law interdisciplinary approach, clients agree to resolve their conflict in a private, safe process with the assistance of a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional and the two attorneys. Rather than fighting in court, the couple agrees to work together with the professionals to achieve mutually-agreeable outcomes, preserving the dignity of the couple and preserving their assets.

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The Aikin Family Law Group Can Help.

We define ourselves as a Collaborative Law Firm. We use the Collaborative Law Process, mediation, and numerous creative variations to help families regain their strength and we provide the framework to restructure the family without harming their children, or their financial future.